Spice Filling Machine

Spice Filling Machine
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Spice Filling Machine

Spice Filling Machine

We are a professional Filling Machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Also we supply OEM service of products for you.

Spice Filling machines are specially designed machines suitable for various ground spices including chilli powder, dhaniya powder, termeric powders etc. These semi automatic powder filling machinesa are low cost, low maintenane filling machines with an excellent accuracy for various packsizes starting from 10gms to 1kg.

Spice filling machines are available in Automatic and semi automatic puch filling models.

For bro presents Automtic spice filling machine, one of the fully automatic pouch packing machine under the umbrella of Form fill seal machine specially designed for Spice/Masala industry.

Sachet packer model SP-100AC is designed for filling small quantity of powders in the sachets/pouches with 3 side or 4 side seal.

The dozing unit is an Auger filler machine with specially designed screw/Funnel accurately discharges the powder in the forming sachet. Centre seal mechansim and the product discharge is synchronised to give the highest speed and accuracy.

Unique feasture, specially desiged for the products which needs to be filled in small sachet/pouches as well as in bottles. Pouch making machine and filling machines are linked wiht the connector so that machine can be used for pouching machine as well as can be mounted on the conveyorised system for filling bottles.

Salient Features

- Center seal pouches
- Pouch making and filling machine can be easily seperated
- Dual filling - in pouches as well as bottles
- for small quantity of powder
- Easy changover of pack size and output control
- GMP and standard models
- Robust construction with user friendly controls
- Photoelectric registration for precise print positioning
- Contact parts made from S.S304 (S.S.316 on Request)

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