South African Rooibos Tea

South African Rooibos Tea
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South African Rooibos Tea

We manufacture and supply Rooibos Teas in South Africa. Please see and email egan at lenquagroup dot co dot za for pricelist.


Rooibos tea is a completely natural and unique product from the Cedarberg Mountain area of the Western Cape Province, in the Republic of South Africa.
Rooibos (Red Bush) tea is unique to South Africa. It is a soothing tea, unique in flavour and red in color. The healing effects of Rooibos tea, particularly for babies, are legendary in South Africa. Much of this is local folklore but substantial research conducted in South Africa and Japan has shown that Rooibos does indeed have health promoting properties that include the following:
•Caffeine free.
•Low in tannin (less than 10% of normal tea).
•Rich in anti-oxidants (contains a mimic of the enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase / S.O.D.).
•Low in harmful alkaloids.
•Low Kilajoules
In this era of health-conscious consumers, Rooibos is a product tailor made for today's lifestyle. A hot, soothing cup of Rooibos is completely pure and natural, containing no additives,
preservatives or colorants of any kind. Preparing the perfect cup of Rooibos is really quite easy. It can be made much like ordinary tea, in an ordinary teapot:
•Rinse the teapot with boiling water to warm it up.
•Add Rooibos teabags or loose leaves, one teabag or one heaped teaspoon per cup.
•Pour boiling water into the pot and keep it warm.
•Allow to infuse for 2--3 minutes, and enjoy !
•Rooibos can also be prepared in a microwave oven with little effort. For a single cup, place one Rooibos teabag in a cup of cold water and microwave at maximum power for 1 minutes.
•Hot Rooibos Tea is delicious with hot or cold milk, with lemon, or simply on its own. If desired, Rooibos can be sweetened with sugar or honey, but will need less sweetener than ordinary tea since it's less astringent and less bitter. Another advantage is that Rooibos can reheated with no loss of flavour.
•Rooibos tea can be enjoyed as an iced tea or fruit juice blend

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