Shipbuilding, repair, maintenance, offshore

Shipbuilding, repair, maintenance, offshore
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Shipbuilding, repair, maintenance, offshore

"SCW Konstrukcje", a private Polish company engaged in manufacture, design, maintenance, renovation and sale of steel structure products (steel, aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass)
we cooperates with shipyards, production companies,
service companies, services of machinery and equipment held for industry and marine:

-Ship and hull building/repair (full blocks and sections from basic) on Jahts and big ferrys and little tourist barges.
-Pipeline prefabrication and construction
-Prefabrication, assembly and transportation of hatches
-Fabrication of steel structures for solar panels.
-Fabrication of parts for wind energy turbines.
-Execution of gangways, bridges, traps, stairways, railings hanging decks, lifting platforms, cargo hold hatches, bow and stern ramps, bow flaps, emberkation platforms, gretings, traps, hatches, doors (welding/machining/reinstallment/replacment/conservation)
-Other complex steel constructions and offshore projects.
-Welding, fitting of ship pipe line, asembling, design, bending, cutting, sanding, painting Jobs.

We help other international companies on shipyards, power plants, construction projects, mining/smelting facilities with repair, maintenance and replace thier stuff with the help of our professional, and experienced staff. (welders with all necessary certificates, fitters,asemblers, engineers). We send people wherever they are needed to perform the order quickly and professionally to make it be a beneficial for you.
If you need an experienced service provider that reaches everywhere on time and fix everything what you need, then we are at your service.

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