Sell - used cooking oil for biodiesel B100

Sell - used cooking oil for biodiesel B100
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Sell - used cooking oil for biodiesel B100

We are manufacturers of vegetable oil and produce various types of refined vegetable oil and crude vegetable oil. Our manufacturing facilities allows us to offer low prices for our customers. If you want to save money on refined vegetable oil and crude vegetable oil, send your request to us.

Biodiesel B100 EN 14214

Our Used Cooking Vegetable oil for Biodiesel Specifications is as detailed below ...

- Free fatty acids: 3.75 %
- M.I.U ( Moisture and Impurities): 0.02 %
- Saponification value: 186
- Iodine value: 120
- Titre C (melting point): 13.75" C
- Specific Gravity @ 25'C : 0.915
Density (kg/m3) - 900 (min); 920
Flashpoint by P.-M. (Degree C) - 225
Calorific Value (kj/kg) - 36,000
Kinematic Viscosity (40 deg.C) (mm2/s) - 38
Carbon Residue (mass-%) - 0.4
Iodine Number (g/100g) - 110
Sulphur Content (mg/kg) - 20 (max)
Variable Properties:
Contamination (mg/kg) - 25 (max)
Acid Value (mg KOH)/g) - 2.0 (max)
Oxidation Stability (110 deg.C) (h) - 5.0 (min)
Phosphorus Content (mg/kg) - 15 (max)
Ash Content (mass%) - 0.01 (max)
Water Content (mass%) - 0.075 (max)


The oil is fully filtered and contains no impurities.

Our Used Cooking Oil is collected from hotels,restaurants, and bakeries and so
on which is good feedstock for biodiesel production having the capacity to provide you huge quantity and good quality of used cooking oil regularly and long term relationship

Price : 300 Euro per mt

Packing: Flexi tanks


Payment Terms : LC , TT

Hope to receive your Purchase order to proceed immediately.

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