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Safety glass quality testing equipment

Safety glass quality testing equipment
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Safety glass quality testing equipment

Impact Testing Equipment
Testing Machine for Mechanical Properties of Tempered Glass

Shot Bag
1) Weight:45kg±0.1kg 46kg±0.1kg
2) Height: 330mm ± 13mm
3) Max diameter: 250mm
4) Lead sand size: 2.5mm
Pneumatic Tyres Impactor
Pneumatic Tyres Device for Pendulum Test of Glass In Building According to BS EN 12600
Reference standard:
BS EN 12600:2002
Glass in building - Pendulum test - Impact test method and classification for flat glass
MS 1498:2017
Safety glass in building - Specification
Technical Parameters:
Weight 50 kg ± 0.1 kg
Tire pressure: 0.35Mpa ± 0.02Mpa
Type: 3.50-R8 4PR

Impact Frame
Test Frame:
Frame Size: 1900mm*1500mm*3570mm
Samples Size: 1930mm*864mm
Lift: Electric
Release: Auto
Maximum impact height: 1200mm (customized)
Rubber Pad Width: 15mm
Rubber Pad Thickness: 3mm
Rubber Pad Hardness: Shore A50
Drop Ball Impact Test Machine
Determination of whether the safety glazing material has a certain minimum strength and cohesion under impact from a small hard object
Hardness steel ball:
a) 2260g ± 20g, diameter of approximately 82.5mm
b) 227g ± 2g, diameter of approximately 38 mm
c) 1040g ± 10g, diameter of approximately 63.5 mm
d) 508g±3g, diameter of approximately 50 mm
Frame Height: 1000mm, 5000mm, 12000mm, Customized
Automatic release and lift. Power: 220V 50Hz 580W
Supporting fixture:
a) Support Size: 350mm*350mm and 660mm*660mm (Customized)
b) Frame width 15mm
c) Steel box height 150mm
d) Rubber Gasket: thickness 3mm, width 15mm, hardness shore A50
e) Interposed sheet of rubber: thickness 3mm, hardness shore A50
Applied Test Pieces Size: 300mm*300mm 610mm* 610mm
Head-form Test Device
Head Weight: 10kg
Head Size: 500mm*932mm
Impact height: < 1.5m
Samples size: 1100mm*500mm
Felt hat: 90g/89mm/3mm
Frame size: 1400mm*666mm*320mm

Safety Glass testing Equipment:
Portable on-site Comprehensive Measurement Instrument for Energy-saving Glass
It is applicable to the field test for opt thermal para

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