Richauto DSP A11S A11E cnc router controller

Richauto DSP A11S A11E cnc router controller
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Richauto DSP A11S A11E cnc router controller

Richauto DSP A11S A11E CNC Router Controller Systems

RichAuto DSP A11S/A11E is a very common CNC motion control systems which is widely used on cnc router basic type and 3 aixs cnc router multihead type. Advantage of this cnc system is that it does not occupy computer source because it works alone, no need via a computer. While, if choose Mach 3 motion card, you need get a computer for it and use computer to operate the machine.
Similar alternative is CNC systems Weihong NK105

Full set RichAuto DSP motion control system contains 4 parts, they are
1. Handle / hand-held motion controller
2. Mother card / interface board
3. 50-pin data transmission cable
4. USB communication cable
They can be provided as full set as well as separate part.

Features of CNC Router DSP A11 and 0501
1) DSP is short for digital signal processing.
2) 0501 is old model, A11 is the updated version of model.0501.
3) It is widely used with cnc wood router machines.
4) With the function of data backup, it is easy to do maintenances in case if parameter changed by mistake.
5) RichAuto DSP support the standard G code, PLT format instructions; support domestic and international mainstream CAM software, such as: Type3, Art cam, UG, Pro / E, Master CAM, Cimatron, Wentai etc.
6) Provide with power-down protection. Instantaneous power processing system to automatically save the current processing of information (file name, current line number processing, processing speed, spindle threshold), when power again machine moves back, the system automatically prompts the user to restore the processing before power down, the processing operations become more humanity.
7) Support breakpoint memory, file selection, processing. Save 8 different breakpoint processing information.

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