Recordable vice chip programmable IC music chip

Recordable vice chip programmable IC music chip
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Recordable vice chip programmable IC music chip

Product Description
NVC series voice chips can be used in a variety of voice prompts of situations, for example: blood pressure monitor, time machine, blood glucose meters, medical equipment, Massager, Foot Massager, Bell notified, speech toys, voice alarm, automotive electronics, small appliances, Buddha machines, games, gifts, and so on.
Functional characteristics
1.OTP storage formats, faster production cycles, the fastest takes only a day, no minimum orders limitations;
2.Flexible variety of key operating mode TTL mode selection (press the edge triggered or level triggered, random keys that broadcasts, order, press play)
3.Simple and convenient ways for MCU serial port control, user triggers in the master section MCU controlled voice playback and stop;
4. Speech time 20 s, 40 s, 80 s, and 180 seconds;
5. Built-in Group of PWM output can be direct push 0.5W Horn, 13bit DAC output, external analog amplifier;
6. Flexible playback operation, through a combination of voice of space can be saved up to play 220 sound combinations;
7. Beautiful sound quality, stable performance, and cheap;
8. LVR-reset circuitry inside, get your chips to work;
9. DIP8, SOP8, as well as the COB three packages to choose from, easy to use and flexible application;
10. Support for polyphonic MIDI playback, sound quality is very beautiful;
11. External circuit is simple, takes only a coupling capacitor;
12. Operating voltage range: 2V~4.5V
13. Quiescent current: less than 2uA.

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