Quality birch fir poplar pine spruce wood pallet

Quality birch fir poplar pine spruce wood pallet
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Quality birch fir poplar pine spruce wood pallet

Quality Birch Fir Poplar pine spruce wood pallet elements for producing wooden pallets
We are introducing ourselves as a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Wooden Pallet Elements from pine, spruce and poplar white wood.

Our diligent professionals make use of latest cutting-edge technology to cut the woods in to warious lengths, width and thickness that suit the needs of our customers.

We produce the folowing sizes

13mm X 60mm X 1200mm

17mm X 75mm X 1200mm

13mm X 70mm X 3000mm

13mm X 70mm X 4000mm

We produce many other domensions upon customer request.

All our products are highly acclaimed across international market for the following attributes: good strength, excellent surface finishing, and lightweight

Thanks for reading and waiting for your good order

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