Pyrolysis plant B-5

Pyrolysis plant B-5
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Pyrolysis plant B-5

Pyrolysis plant B-5 is designed for complex recycling of hydrocarbon-containing waste such as:
-used tires
-rubber waste
-plastic waste (except PVC and PET)
-oil sludge, oily textile.

Operation mode of the B-5 plant is batch(cyclical) type.
Plant capacity is 1,5 - 5 ton/batch, it depends on the type of raw material(waste), it’s size and moisture.
The principle of equipment is based on technology of low-temperature pyrolysis with further condensation of pyrolysis gas. Pyrolysis gas goes throw condensers, cooling and became a liquid (fuel oil). Non-condensable gas can heat reactor, so no need for extra fuel. External fuel (wood, coal, etc.) is required only to heat the reactor to operating temperature. Plant B-5 use direct heating method.

Technical parameters of B-5 plant:
Raw material capacity, ton/batch: 1,5 - 5
Power consumption , kW/hour, 380V, 50 Hz: 13
Working pressure, kPa: 1-5
Reactors working temperature, С:380
Fuel consumption for heating reactors kg/batch:
- solid fuel (wood, coal,pellets):150-200
- fuel oil:100
Workers /batch: 2
Weight, ton: 15
Area, m2: 100
Delivery:one container 40ftHC, one container 20ft

The main product of B-5 plant is fuel oil (pyrolysis oil) which can be used directly as heating oil, and also can be a raw material for the production gasoline and diesel.
Other products are carbon black and metal (for tires). Without any modification carbon black can be used as raw material for production of fuel briquette, blackening pigment, asphalt modifier, fuel for coal-dust burners.
Metal can be sell directly to metal recycling factory.
Products yield for example (Used tires):
fuel oil - 45%, carbon black -35%, metal -15%

To providing the best quality we use european electric parts and russian heat-resistant steel.Also we directly control the quality of every important part of our machine.

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