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Pulley lagging SXBMD-PCL

Pulley lagging SXBMD-PCL
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Pulley lagging SXBMD-PCL

The pulley is an important part and component of the belt conveying system. The lagging pulley can effectively improve the operation status of the conveying system and protect the metal pulley from wearing.

1. Rubber pulley lagging sheet
Material: composite wear-resistant rubber;
Appearance: plain or diamond;
Features: the rubber sheet has a CN layer and the lagging can be implemented through cold bonding on site, which is convenient and fast.

2. Ceramic pulley lagging sheet
Material: high-quality rubber sheet with ceramic blocks embedded;
1.Applicable to drive pulleys and bend pulleys. The bump point design on the ceramic surface increases the friction between the pulley and the belt, prevents the belt from slipping and deviation and prolongs the service life of the belt and pulley;
2.The drainage ditch in each row of ceramics enhances drainage capability. Each ceramic has multiple faces connected to the rubber, enhances the connection strength and prolongs the service life;
3. The rubber sheet has a CN layer, and the ceramic lagging can be implemented through cold bonding on site, which is convenient and fast, improving the work efficiency and reducing the maintenance cost.

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