Promotional gadgets

Promotional gadgets
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Promotional gadgets

We offer laser engraving wood - accurately and elegantly.

It's hard to think of another, as precise engraving as laser engraving. In the case of the services we offer, the accuracy reaches one thousandth of a millimeter. What the human eye will not see will do the laser. We use this advanced technology to prepare diversified products. Personalized advertising items used on a daily basis in gastronomic premises, engraving can be placed on almost every assortment in our store, it is possible to order even such wooden items that are not currently available in our store.

We will do everything to get them and fulfill your expectations.

Our products are elegant, made with excellent precision and durable. Please contact us, everything is a matter of agreement.

We have professional and precise laser plotters with a maximum working area of ​​60 x 90 cm + a through table. In addition to the engraver on the assortment from our store, we can perform engraving services such as:

engraving wood
plywood engraving
engraving painted metal
engraving glass and crystal
Plexiglass engraving
engraving cork
leather engraving
we also engrave selected types of paper, textiles and ceramics.
We offer:

cutting in wood
cutting in plywood
cutting in plexiglass
cutting in a traffic jam
cutting in the skin
cutting in the selected type of paper and textiles

Due to the variety of materials used by us and the techniques we perform, we are not able to place a binding price list on the website.

The price depends on many factors: the type of material, the complexity of the order, the amount of time needed, the number of copies (surface of the item) and the technology used.
Feel free to contact us!
Laser engraving wood – the most durable method of marking products!
Laser engraving method of the 21st century.

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