Portable Bomb Detector / Explosive Finder / NLJD

Portable Bomb Detector / Explosive Finder / NLJD
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Portable Bomb Detector / Explosive Finder / NLJD

Portable Bomb Detector / Explosive Finder / NLJD / Electronic Stethoscope

It detects both Analog and Digital signal which can be used for Ignition of IED/RCIED devices.

A very sensitive Improvised Device which has been made to detect very weak sound of mechanical run back timers and electronic timing systems in improvised devices e.g. mechanical timing devices, Wrist watch, Analog and digital type timing devices bydetection sensor.

It's having detection sensor for detecting the conducted circuits commonly found in devices like Mobile Phone, digital watch and similar devices, that can indicate the presence of an improvised device. It can detect all above mentioned items through solid materials, such as walls, bricks, glass, plastic, concrete, inside the ceiling, wood, packing materials etc.


Accurate detection; its detection is very fast andfind an accurate location
In the case of existing electronic stethoscope made by other suppliers are affected by surrounding noise because their electronic stethoscope detecting audible frequency but this device is audio proof and is not affected bysurrounding noise as filtering audible frequency
It does not require preparatory time andconsumption materials like other products. As you
turn on this device and then you can use it directly.


Convenience: Portable, simple use, light weight
Capable of synchronous hearing and detecting long distance range with safety
Enables to detect the conducting cellular phone, wireless phone etc
Enables to detect through world wide solid materials (walls, bricks, glass,plastic,concrete, inside the ceiling, wood, packing materials etc.)
Enables to detect conducted electric circuit .
Audios frequency proof sensor provide very pleasant operation in noisy area
Enable to detect all kind of watch or clock and other timing devices in any environment
Compatible with EOD suit and EOD robot
Consisting Weatherproof , Audio proof and high sensitive Sensor

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