Plots for sale

Plots for sale
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Plots for sale

Our company "INTERCAPITAL" has the following plots for sale near "Industrial Park Ruse, Bulgaria": land of 278 acres. divided into 8 /eight/ plot as follows : 8 acres, 12 acres, 24 acres, 30 acres; 3x50 acres, 54 acres. We can also sell parts. The plots are facing the road close to railway, electricity, gas, water 0.5 km from River Danube Bridge and Port of Rousse.

We apply satellite photo and blueprints on request. The property has planning permission
Out of regulation. We offer assistance in the introduction of the land in regulation from 2 / two / to 6 / six / months.
Suitable for production, logistics, factories, warehouses, etc.
It is a pleasure for us to know that the city of Ruse is of interest for you in view of attracting investments in the real estate market in the region. We reckon this way our city will establish itself as an attractive centre for foreign investors. Up till now such investors are the representatives of countries like France, Germany, Spain, Austria, the USA, the UK and Russia.
For more information, please contact us.

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