Plastic pressure molding

Plastic pressure molding
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Plastic pressure molding

OTIS TARDA is a top manufacturer of plastic pressure molded parts employed in electronics, electric voltage equipment, medical equipment and automotive equipment. Industrial use plastic by OTIS TARDA is a guarantee of quality and lifetime durability.

Sophisticated modern technologies of high-pressure plastic molding find an extensive use not only within transport and machine-building industries – they have long been employed with such specific spheres of production such as power generating and medical equipment.

OTIS TARDA actively employs the technology of high-pressure plastic molding to fabricate the housings for electronic equipment and exterior parts for high-voltage equipment using SMC prepregs (Sheet Molding Compound with high strength characteristics and lower cost) and BMC premixes (Bulk Molding Compound – glass-filled thermoset molding material with wide operating temperature range and high rate of hardening).

The technology of direct high-pressure compression (molding) implies shaping the article into a desired form under high pressure that is created inside the mold at the hardening temperature peculiar to every specific material.

This type of molding allows extending the product line-up for manufactured plastics and surface finish options since this method of fabrication is interruptible, hence the properties of the final material can be modified and adjusted in the process of molding with the inclusion of additive compounds and supplements.
High-pressure molding technology possesses a number of undeniable advantages:
• High mechanical strength, which allows implementing plastic materials into products with high designated mechanical loads – tomographic scanner beds, electrical enclosures.
•High water resistance - plastics molded according to the process can be used in the conditions of high humidity and temperature gradients, stipulating a unique versatility of both the material and the process.
• Thermal stability - plastics made from prepreg and premix are virtually non-combustible, capable of withstanding short-term impact of an open flame, when heated to up to 250 degrees Celsius.
• High abrasion resistance - lifetime of products manufactured to this technology is higher

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