Pillows, throws, cushions, chair seat pads

Pillows, throws, cushions, chair seat pads
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Pillows, throws, cushions, chair seat pads

Creative Pillows, is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of pillows, cushions, cushion covers, box floor cushions, chair seat pads, beach mats, bolsters, door stoppers, non woven inners, curtains, aprons, gloves, table cloth, tea towels etc.

The range of our product line, good quality, and competitive prices
have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in India.

Located in Karur, Tamilnadu, we produce a wide variety of pillows and cushion items in a cotton-polyester blend for men, women, and children. These goods are of good quality and are popular with customers. Our total production averages 10 million pieces per year, 70% for export and 30% for the domestic market.

We at Creative Pillows. will work with you to produce the types of Pillows or Hometextiles products that will sell well in your stores. We guarantee both our quality and on time delivery of shipments and our prices are very competitive.
For more information please go to our web site at www.creativepillows.in

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