Persian saffron liquid extract

Persian saffron liquid extract
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Persian saffron liquid extract

Our pure saffron extract.
Only our could provide you with the best quality, based on 100% pure persian saffron raw material which is known as a king of spices in the world to be offered you. You can't find it anywhere else but !?

Persian Saffron is globally known for its incomparable quality, fascinating fragrance, pleasant flavor, and superb coloring strength. Our extracts derived by the Persian Saffron regarded as the best the world raw material applied to be made up of the purest from the Iranian nature red stigmas (threads).
You did not have any problem with dried ones and degree of moisturizing trapped inside to either add dead weight or affect the shelf life and its active material because of testing results that we standardized.
According to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) the minimum requirement for coloring strength is 190 to be considered grade 1, where our quality Persian Saffron goes way beyond that requirement s ; you have not found any other commercial saffron extract which measures up to ours.
Here we supply you our exclusive product by Sargol "Red Gold" ™, we believe you should be able to purchase the highest quality saffron at a reasonable price, in fact, that's what we're all about
We assure you to making our products by Fresh saffron to be recognized from its color and aroma.
The test results of saffron threads (filaments) must be all red vivid crimson with a slightly lighter orange-red color on the tips to be collected by first hand and original plant stigma, you may expected saffron's effective substances used in medicine or food industries y.
Quality of saffron is tied to its freshness and purity. It contains grade I saffron threads only. We are proud to announce that we always provide our customers with the best quality saffron extract in form of liquid and dry powder extract forms .

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