Panno, wall panels wood blues

Panno, wall panels wood blues
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Panno, wall panels wood blues

The product is fully handmade one of a kind. No more copies exist.

A hanging piece of art from overseas can make your interior special and unique.
Ukrainians are good joiners due to the tradition that goes from father to son.

Just hang on a wall as a usual picture.

✦ Made of solid wood, so it looks good in any interior – wood is never-dying décor which will be appropriate at any time.

✦ Indeed, nowadays having more and more artificial goods in our lives we need some live piece of the sunbeam that breaks through the dark to brighten our daily routine.

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Material - oak, ash, pine
⬆ Height: 19.49 inches (49,5 cm)
➡ Width: 38.98 inches (99,0 cm)

Max thickness: 0.90 inches (5,0 cm)
Square - 5.27 sq. ft, (0.49 sq. m.)

Base: plywood board
Base thickness - 2.56 inches (6.5 mm)
Paint and varnish materials - Versicolor (Italy)


This item can be personalized. Tell me whose mane I have to put on.

It is one of a kind, but if you want this wood art I will create a similar one for you too. It will be slightly different from the one on a photo in terms of colors, texture, shapes, and sizes of elements because individual work is always unique and cannot be copied.
While building one for you, I will send you photos of the process so that you can correct and see the birth of a new piece of art.

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