Palm kernel shell charcoal [pks]

Palm kernel shell charcoal [pks]
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Palm kernel shell charcoal [pks]

One of the best sources of biomass energy; a great substitute to the relatively expensive coconut shell charcoal

Palm Kernel Shells or PKS charcoal are the carbonized byproducts of palm kernel oil and palm oil produced from palm tree seeds. It is one of the most important biomass resource that has found immense usefulness in many industries requiring reusable energies. PKS charcoal has found application as precursor for activated carbon production; biochar fertilizer; water treatment and esidential and commercial homes heating.

• Why Buy Our Hardwood Charcoal

o Better quality biomass fuel due to its uniform size distribution, easy handling, easy crushing and high fixed carbon content
o Limited biological activities due to its low moisture content eliminated leaving behind a smaller and lighter high grade quality charcoal.
o Our PKS can be stored for years without risk of environmental changes as insect or fungal infestation or decrease in quality or grade.
o The small size and light weight of our tropical PKS makes it advantageous for packaging, transportation and affordability
o Best resource of bio-fuel briquettes; high iodine and superior hardness
o Free of chemical additives

Product Specification:
• Origin: Nigeria
• CV: >6500kCal/kg
• Humidity content: 7% maximum
• Fixed carbon: >80% minimum
• Hydrogen: 5.4%
• Nitrogen: 0.3%
• Oxygen: 35%
• Sulfur: 0.13
• Ash content: <3%
• Time of delivery: 3 weeks after confirmation of order.
• Place of loading: Tin-Can, Apapa Port, Lagos Nigeria

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