P-Hydroxycinnamic acid 7400-08-0; for sell

P-Hydroxycinnamic acid 7400-08-0; for sell
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P-Hydroxycinnamic acid 7400-08-0; for sell

Cas no: 7400-08-0
Molecular formula: C9H8O3
Molecular weight: 164.20
Einecs no: 231-000-0

P-Hydroxycinnamic acid 7400-08-0
Specifications: 99.9%; 99.0%min
Appearance: White or light yellow powder.
Package: 25kg cardboard drum
Relative density: 1.07
Melting point: 218-221
Dissolved: soluble in hot ether, hot ethanol, slightly soluble in benzene, insoluble in petroleum ether, insoluble in water
Uses: 1, medicine: expectorant drugs can be used to prime the synthesis of the cuckoo, the production set satisfying coronary heart disease drugs intermediates, and the manufacture of local anesthetics, such as fungicides and hemostatic; inhibit the role of cervical cancer; also can be used to synthesize anti-adrenergic drugs esmolol.
2, agricultural areas: for the production of plant growth-promoting agents, long-lasting fresh fruits and vegetables fungicides and preservatives, can also be used for the determination of uranium and hunger of the chemical reagents used in the production photosensitive resin, the main raw material ethylene plug oil hung four.
3, the chemical aspects: (1) is mainly used for configuration spicy cherry, apricot, honey and other spices. In the Japanese chemical industry for the preparation of soap and cosmetics fragrance. (2) is a potent conductive material.
4, cosmetics: the enzyme tyrosinase, one phenol and two phenol inhibit enzyme activity, resulting in a single phenol and two phenol enzyme activity enzyme activity decreased by 50%, inhibit melanin production.
5, micro-organisms and medical fields - cell differentiation and telomerase activity; inhibition of cervical cancer.
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