Original bic classic lighters j25/j26,cigarette

Original bic classic lighters j25/j26,cigarette
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Original bic classic lighters j25/j26,cigarette

We supply top quality gas lighters at best prices.

Check out our brands:
-bbq mini lighter clear 20 ct display
-bic mini lighters 50's tray pack
-bic lighter hip nation 50's pack
-bic regular lighters 50's pack
-bic regular tattoo 50's pack
-electronic lighter casino 50's pack
-electronic clear lighter 50's pack
-full size bic cigarette lighters

We can supply and ship the best quality bic lighters, electronic and disposable lighters as follows:

Bic lighters j25
Bic lighters j23
Bic lighters j26
Bic lighters j6
Bic lighters mini
Bic lighters max
Electronic lighters
Disposable lighters, etc

Lighter shape:
1.translucent five colors available - yellow, blue, green, pink, purple.
2.body with sticker.
3. It's very similar with hp-901, the difference is : hp-901 body is in transparent.

Lighter quality:
1. It can past the 55 degrees temperature test.
2. It can past the 1.5 metres drop test
3. About 2 minutes last inflaming
4. The rate of leaking within 0.5%, the rate of inflaming over 98%
5. It is with the standard flame height: 1 cm ~4 cm
6. Oem manufacturer in china, passed iso9001 quality system.

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