Origin YAKO stepper motor driver yka2811ma ykb2608

Origin YAKO stepper motor driver yka2811ma ykb2608
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Origin YAKO stepper motor driver yka2811ma ykb2608

Origin YAKO stepper motor driver 2811 and 2608

YAKO driver YKA2811MA is a constant torque stepper motor driver with max 200 microstep and voltage range from AC60-110V. It can match bipolar stepper motor whose rated current is under 8A, flange size range from 86-130mm (note: Nema34=86mm, Nema51=130mm).
Another good alternative of yako driver is leadshine stepping driver.

Features of YAKO driver YKA2811MA
1) High performance, low noise.
2) It provides 16 class of microstep selection.
3) Max pulse frequency is up to 200Kpps.
4) Once the pulse stops for 100ms, phase current reduce to 20-80% itself.
5) Bipolar constant current chopper control.
6) Photocoupler isolated I/O.
7) Driver’s current is adjustable from 0.5A/phase to 8A/phase.
8) Input voltage range is from AC60 to AC110V.
9) Over-voltage, over-heat and under voltage protection design. Can protect stepper motor and machine from trouble.
10) YKA2811MA dimension is 200x156x80mm; net weight is 2.0kg.

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