Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner

Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner
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Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner

Introduction of Hydraulic Compost Turner
Hydraulic compost turner is widely used in farms, fertilizer factories and the like for treating livestock manure, agricultural residues, rotten vegetables, fruit peel, sludge or industrial organic waste. Hydraulic compost turners can turn the waste into fertilizer for growing crops, vegetable, or mushrooms. Such kind of organic fertilizer fermentation machine is environment-friendly and sustainable.

Components of hydraulic Compost Turners
Hydraulic compost turner or compost windrow turner mainly consists of engine assembly, running system, hydraulic system, auxiliary devices and framework.
1.The engine assembly adopts diesel engine which owns powerful torque and great margin of power. The cooling system is suction type and two-stage filtration device was used to protect the engine.
2.The running system is dual-speed control design. Its low speed is less than 15m/min during operation which benefits to stir the materials fully. The high speed is used in turn to other working site.
3.The hydraulic equipment has two hydraulic system: main hydraulic system and auxiliary hydraulic system. The main hydraulic system adopts a simple circuit containing bump, valve and motor which can control by electric hydraulic proportion to complete stepless speed regulating. The auxiliary hydraulic system applys multiple circuit which can regulate the equipment during the operation or control any action independently. The key technology during the operation is to coordinate the speeds of the running system and the turning wheel.
Features of Hydraulic Compost Turner
Compared to self-propelled windrow turner, hydraulic compost turner discard traditional rail-type structure. This organic fertilizer fermentation machine is widely accepted by its high productivity, relatively small working site, powerful turning capacity, great fermentation, stable working performance and low failure rate.

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