Oil Production Line

 Oil Production Line
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Oil Production Line

This line also follows the procedure of grinding, cooking, pressing and filtering, but the equipment it needs includes cleaner, roasting machine, oil expeller, frame oil filter and oil refinery.


Some Equipment in Edible Oil Production Line
(1) Oil Seeds Roasting Machine
This roasting machine is suitable for roasting/drying different seeds and nuts, such as corn, chestnut, rape seeds, sunflower, peanut, soybean, sesame seeds, cashew, cotton seed, coconut, etc, with advanced rotary structure. Oil seeds roasting machine uses electricity as fuel.
(2) Oil Seeds Screw Elevator
The screw elevator is equipped with an integral loading hopper. A rotating paddle inside the loading hopper loosens the hopper contents and assists the feed into the tubular screw elevator section. The screw elevates the material and discharges it into further processing machinery as required.
(3) Frame Oil Filter
Matched with different oil press, the frame oil filter is suitable for purifying and filtering all sorts of vegetable crude oil. The stainless steel materials ensures sanitary processing environment. The high oil filtering rate and purifier edible oil makes it much more popular.

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