Night Vision Device for Car / Vehicle Night Vision

Night Vision Device for Car / Vehicle Night Vision
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Night Vision Device for Car / Vehicle Night Vision

Night Vision Device for Car / Vehicle Night Vision Camera System with Monitor.

This night vision device can use by car, tank, ship etc.

It can look from 10m to 200 m target or over in night. It also works with infrared light Non-visible in real dark places.

This night vision device is very easy to setup and don't need any special skill or tool.

This night vision for car have lowest price in world.

Driving at night, high beam can light your way in small range while dangers remain in the darkness in distance. Although in the last few years, we got great development in illumination technique, it's much riskier to drive at night than to do that in the daytime, for that it may be too near to stop the car when drivers discover that. Someone may be changing tyre or people and animals walking across the road.

According to the statistic, night driving which is only one quarter in traffic causes half deadly accident in which 70% is because of the weak sight at night. (2002~2005 data) .
However, if people possess a night vision system, they could easily see the scenery in distance which could help drivers discover the dangers in darkness.

The edge, the line and other things in the road, even the man preparing to cross the road will be vision in the screen, therefore night vision is more sophisticated than the high beam. Even if night vision can only provide black and white image, the great field of vision will make up the weakness in quality in image.

The largest beneficiary are drivers, for the vision is much wider which provide them more time to brake and react.

But the system can't replace human eyes, it just could be an assistance for the drivers who drive at night. Although the system provides 50 times clarity than human eyes, we set oneself against use it as auto-landing system in aerodrum.

Now that it just assist the high light in cars, it's available only when the high lights or brake lights are on.

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