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New customer acquisition

New customer acquisition
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New customer acquisition

Here is your perfect opportunity to secure your assets today!
Buy 1 KG vaulted gold bar under the actual gold-fixing rate!
The amount of bars is limited. Please contact us directly.

More and more independent individuals are looking upon the gold as the important investment.

The latest finance and economy crisis updated the beliefs that securities and other bonds and bank deposits are connected with certain risks.

Though gold as investment is also subject to certain deviations it never loses its value completely. Actually in times when the number of the states indebted rises rapidly it is even more important that there is no possibility to “produce” gold as freely as paper currencies so it cannot be completely devaluated.

So, many of the independent investment experts advise the private investors to invest part of their assets to gold. One of the Swiss banker’s rules is – 10% to 20% of all the deposits should be in gold.

The low correlation of the gold with other investments such as stocks and other interest-bearing securities is certainly a huge advantage.

The price of gold during the last ten years has grown continuously. This could be an argument for some of the investors, but the majority certainly sets the security as a priority.

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