Mini used engine oil distillation recycling plant

Mini used engine oil distillation recycling plant
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Mini used engine oil distillation recycling plant

EOS engine oil recycling plant is a newly developed product which combines our latest technologies. It is able to rapidly extract light and heavy distillates from different fractions by given different temperatures control.

EOS waste lubricating oil distillation plant adopts our exclusive patent Full-Bridge Rectification & Electromagnetic Eddy Current Heating technologies, combined with our unique Macromolecular Bubbling decoloration and Membrane Crystallization Separation patents. The entire plant adopts pure physical working principle, even heating and self-balancing flow.

2.Composed systems:

A. Pre-treatment System( pre-heat &distillation system) , remove particles and water content.
B. Catalyst system: Catalyst Reactor, blender; 
C. Distillation system: distilling tower, distilling kettle, heater unit, circle pump; 
D. Cooling system: refrigerating machine, water pump, water tank, cooler, Condenser; 
E. Degasification and water purification system: clean the waste gas from oil during process
F. Vacuum System: depends on actual need(normal pressure & negative pressure).
G. Oil storage tanks: one for waste oil and one for cleaned oil(optional)

Main Devices & Features
1. Low cost, 25 US $ for refining one ton used motor oil.
2. Easy operation, low operation cost, only 1-2 workers can control the machine.
3. Can recycle all kinds of engine oil and tyre oil.
4. Environmental friendly.
5. High recycling rate .
6. Efficient vacuum systems.
7. High quality refined oil, no discoloration caused by oxidation, no bad smell.

Technical parameter
Item Unit EOS-5 EOS-10 EOS-15 EOS-20 EOS-40 EOS-50 EOS-80
Capacity Ton/day 5 10 15 20 40 50 80
Working vacuum Mpa ≤-0.06-0.098
Working oil temp. ℃ 0-400
Power consumption kW 50 70 150 180 230 280 310
Working power V/HZ AC220/380/230/415
Noise dB(A) ≤70 ≤70 ≤75 ≤75 ≤80 ≤80 ≤80
Heating method Electrical heating, combustible gas or coal
Inlet/Outlet dia. mm DN25 DN25 DN32 DN32 DN40 DN40 DN50
Weight kg 2000 2500 3000 3800 4500 5000 6000
Size L mm 3000 3500 4200 5400 6500 8000 9000
W mm 2200 2500 2800 3000 3200 4000 5000
H mm 4500 4800 5600 6000 8000 10000 12000

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