Mini ABS ultrasonic electronic mice repeller

Mini ABS ultrasonic electronic mice repeller
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Mini ABS ultrasonic electronic mice repeller

Working Theory
Yuandun intelligent electronic mice repeller is the high technology R&D product which aims at mice and pest. The product now is combining the newest micro electronic high technology, it can be provide the low frequency plasma waves intermittent alternant continuously. Ultrasonic and This product adopt power supply with AC 110V—220V. It has the double repel mouse fu7system, let it feel uncomfortable and repel it to get away from scene. The electric wave frequency is changing all the time, so that let the mouse and another pest can’t produce immunity and adaptability.

This product is passed
ISO9001: 2009 international quality management system certification
Patent Number:ZL 201530013749.5
FCC: CTB160613007E-ZS
CE: CTB160613006E-ZS
RoHS: CTB 160613003C-ZS

This is the testing video about the mice repeller which upload in the
Solemn Commitment
1. The user can enjoy 1 year guarantee, within one year from the date of delivery. But the quality problem can be appeared internal (it is not included external packaging and during transport), our company can provide the maintain service for free.
2. Our company can provide the maintain service and take the cost of production because the incorrect using, improper storage and external damage within one year from the date of delivery.
3. We can provide the maintain service. And the user must keep the guarantee well. Lose don't repair. Alteration invalid.

Ultrasound is a sound-wave technology that human can’t hear, but it could be felt by mice, insects. The mouse repeller can launch a high power ultrasound which can sustained continuous stimulate of mice, cockroaches and other harmful organisms, then achieve the effect of repel the mice, insect.

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