Medical Equipment and accessories

Medical Equipment and accessories
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Medical Equipment and accessories

We are seeking Agents and Consultants.

Our dynamic organization, Hygeia Group of companies having Medical Point, New Delhi,LIVO Product India Pvt. Ltd Hygeia Medical Devices (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd, China as well as Plutus Enterprises Ltd, Hong Kong.

Range of products:

Cardiology: Defibrillator, AED, Patients Monitor, ECG Machines Pulse Oximeter, Syringe& Infusion Pumps, ABP Monitor, Holter recorder Colour Doppler.
Gynecology: Fetal Doppler, Fetal Monitor, Vacuum Cups, Suction Machines etc
Respiratory Care: C-Pap, Bi-Pap, Auto C-Pap, Spirometer, Ventilator for Transport and Emergency, Heated Humidifier for Ventilator, Oxygen Analyzer.
Anesthesia : Resuscitator, Laryngoscopes, Anesthesia Machine, Vaporiser, all related Accessories
Home care Devices: Nebuliser, Air Mattress, Oxygen Concentrators, Portable Suction, BP Monitor, Pulse Oximeter
O.T Room: O.T. Table , O.T.Light, Autoclaves, Suction Machine, All type of Surgical Cautery( Diathermy) Sterliser, Disinfector Steel Hollow ware
Other Hospital Equipments: Ultra sound Scanner, X-rays Machine, Physiotherapy Equipment, Neonatology Equipment Like Warmer, Incubator, Baby weighing Scales , Dental Chair, Hospital beds and Furniture
Monitoring Accessories: Our customers are passionate to buy Pulse Oximeter Sensor, Spo2 Extension Cables, Disposable Spo2 Sensor ,ECG Cable, Monitor Cable, NIBP cuff, NIBP Air Hose, IBP cables and Temp. probes etc.
ESU Accessories: Disposable and reusable Pencil switch, Patient plates, Bi-Polar forces and Unipolar handle, Bipolar Cables.
Respiratory care Accessories: Anesthesia Mask, C-Pap Nasal mask, Full Face Mask,Magil Forceps, Stylets, Breathing bags

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