Maple oak firewood and logs

Maple oak firewood and logs
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Maple oak firewood and logs

Maple is a deciduous hardwood tree with above average heating values. Although it is difficult to split, it is efficient and hot-burning. And like oak, it is difficult to kindle but burns strongly once it gets going.

It also produces very little smoke, which is a huge plus for bonfire parties where a lot of people are going to be gathered around.

One of the most common types of trees, oak can be found pretty much anywhere. Although it doesn’t grow very tall, it can still get quite massive. It’s a very dense hardwood tree, so it burns for a very long time. Getting it started is the tricky part, though. Because of its density, it requires continuous high heat to really start it burning well. This can be done by using softwood, such as pine, to get a base going and then adding oak on top of the fire. And once it does get burning, there isn’t much maintenance that must be done.

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