Manufacturing- assembly- maintenance service

Manufacturing- assembly- maintenance service
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Manufacturing- assembly- maintenance service

The PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS company will accept orders for manufacturing- assembly- maintenance services. As a subcontractor for external companies in the branch we offer services in terms of:
> teletechnics
> telecommunication
> electrotechnical
> electrical
> power engineering
> automated systems
> other

PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS has a well-prepared, monitored and highly secure modern technical and administrative background.
> production - assembly facilities to complete the orders of manufacturing- assembly- installation or others
> administrative facilities

PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS possesses the necessary licenses, authorizations and security certificates directly related to current activity of the company.

Experience and professionalism of our managers allows dynamic development of the PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS company, constantly increasing its range of products, services and expanding the scope and area of the company. We provide our Customers with complete stability and safety in business by building strong and recognizable brand and leading position on European and foreign markets.
PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS is a team of excellently trained, skilled and experienced sales and technical staff who are focused and dedicated to their work and the development of the company. Consequently, our Customers are provided with exceptional support.
Dynamic management policy results from long-term strategy of continuous development of the Company and providing its Customers with full satisfaction, which is the superior aim of the Company. We strive to obtain a reputation of a professional and solid business partner, continue strengthening the position and capital of our brand and expand the business scope to new countries.

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