M2m io/rs485 concentrator

M2m io/rs485 concentrator
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M2m io/rs485 concentrator

Data concentrator with 32 digital inputs and Modbus RTU communication

Cost-effective industrial solution for reading out the data of consumption metering devices (e.g. water, gas, electricity meters) equipped with contact or pulse output line.

Furthermore, the concentrator can connect to any kind of measurement devices, PLCs, controlling machines, data collection system, automata or a network analyzer.

The device is capable of collecting and storing data of up to 32 endpoint devices through the input lines.

The M2M Modem Plus IO® device is connected through the RS485 port to read out the input values with Modbus RTU protocol.

• 32x digital inputs (4 segment x 8 isolable inputs, operation mode selection by jumper)
• Receiving and counting the contact/pulse signals
• Dry/wet contact relay
• Open collector input
• Receiving the output signals as input signals (alternate wiring)
• Receiving reed/hall sensor outputs
• RS485 output (ModBus RTU protocol towards the modem)

• Modbus protocol communication
• Readout of Modbus counters, registers
• PLC compatibility
• Configuration software (locally on serial port)

• Watchdog circuit and system monitoring
• Data storage into non-volatile memory


Data collection and counting
Measurement and data collection systems
Forwarding industrial system or PLC data
Monitoring industrial or measurement devices
Remote control


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