Looking for a partnership

Looking for a partnership
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Looking for a partnership

My name is mr Mark Sithole,the owner of a company which have been in operation since 1994 selling all kind of scrap metals.

I have a very good business opportunity to discus with any interested partner who is ready to run this profitable partnership with me and share profi on business equally as per partnership agreement contract signed and sealed by both parties and witness by respected attorny.
I have a very good international tender from one of the biggest South African farmer to supply 50 pieces of John Deere 7810 with 150 horsepower whereas each cost &29,000 and the farmer is paying $ 59,000 for each tractor x 50 pieces.
I have a company whom I have already finalize with in UK and ready to delivery the tractors with deposit of $100,000 required before shipment.
If you will like to do this profitable business with me,please let me know through my email nigel metalindustry@yahoo.co.za so that I can send you all documents of the order I made and ready for shipment.
The interested partners will sign partnership agreement with me on conditions that we both will contribute $50,000 each to pay the supplier deposit for him to deliver the tractors and I will make the buyer being the farmer information open to you so that we can all be in communication with the farmer.
Confirm your agreement to send you all information to proceed.
Thank you.


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