Long Range Deep Seeking Underground Water Finder

Long Range Deep Seeking Underground Water Finder
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Long Range Deep Seeking Underground Water Finder

Long Range Deep Seeking Underground Water Finder / Detector / Locator

The best and the most developer geophysical sounding device which specialized for detecting, measuring, and determining all kinds of Underground water (levels and the gathering points).

The Device Depending in its work on the geo electric automatic system , These system able to locate the presence of water in the research area , and giving an amazing and accurate results .
Works this apparatus on the most accurate configuration software for the automatically measurement and provided with the latest electronic systems and the illustration software for showing the full results clearly. The Device based on an integrated Automatic Electronic; shorten the time and the fatigue effort while carrying out the searching processes.


Works through the LCD screen graphics128X64.

Control Panel Keys easy to use.

Equipped with four poles of electric power outlets.

Works on the electrical resistance measurement (IP).

Main factor for measuring of the vertical depth sounding technique (ves).

Contains the device software on the several lists appear on the main screen:

The Clarification list of water type automatic on the screen:

Fresh Water

Salty water

Mineral water

The Clarification list of the water depth on the automatic screen.

The device works on a 14-volt battery (Rechargeable) enables it to work for 9 hours.

Battery power level indicator (shown on the screen)

Indicator of the water quantity presence on the screen

Automatic work in all soil conditions.

The survey area results of 700 square meters in 3 minutes.

Up to depths exceeding 900 m, depending on the post by the electrodes from each other.

Determines the largest gathering point presence of the water for drilling wells.

Working on an integrated automatic electronic system shows all exploration data on the screen directly.

Easy to work and allowing to all user and ordinary people to deal with it easily and professionalism.

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