Liquid / air / solid filtration nylon filter mesh

Liquid / air / solid filtration nylon filter mesh
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Liquid / air / solid filtration nylon filter mesh

Nylon meshes can not only used in filter industries, but also be fabricated into different filter parts fitting special application requirements...

Basic Info
Material: Nylon Layers: Single Usage: Liquid Filter, Air Filter, Solid Filter
Product Description
Nylon Filter Mesh


The medical 15 micron nylon liquid medicine filter net developed and manufactured by our company independently is the filtering material of disposable transfusion set, mainly used to filter the indissoluble particals which diameter is bigger than the nominal mesh opening in the liquid medicine. This products fills the gap of the filed in China. All properities have reached the national standard by inspection of authorities.

High filtering rate: The filtering rate of 20μm± 1μm indissoluble partical in the liquid medicine is 85%-99%(Exceed 80% of national standard)
High volecity of flow: The NaCl solution (ρ(NaCl)=9g/l) should not less than 1400 ml within 10min under 1m static pressure head.
Stable velocity of flow: 20± 1 drops/min, 160ml/3h.

For small quanity(less than 50meters), first folding-up mesh, then packed by plastic bag.
For large quantity, first packing by rolls, put the rolls in cartons, then wrapped the cartons with plastic bag.

Chemical properties:

Ultraviolet absorbency(250-320mm): ≤ 0.1
Fluorescent substance: Non fluorescent substance
Evaporation residue(mg): Non evaporation residue

Biologic properties:

Heat source: The interior toxicity in bacteria≤ 0.5EU/ml
Hematolysis: Hematolysis rate≤ 0.8%
Acute general toxicity: No reaction of acute general toxicity
Intracutaneous irritation: No reaction of intracutaneous irritation
Sensitization of skin: No reaction of sensitization of skin
material nylon polyester silk
tensity strength (kg/mm2) 41-67 45-75 36-45
elongation (%) 20-35 15-30 15-25
resiliency (3%) 95-100% 90-95% 54-55%
temperature (Celsius) 100 140 100
water absorption (relative humidity 65%,20 ) 3.8% 0.4% 11%
resistance to corrosion good good great
mass specific resistance (/cmg)

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