Lfsponge floor polishing pads

Lfsponge floor polishing pads
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Lfsponge floor polishing pads

Magic Polishing Pad is the supporting supplies of professional floor cleaning machine, It is made of super-strong cleaning compressed melamine sponge with scouring pad (polyester fiber), It is the ultimate upgrade product to replace the traditional fiber pad, the professional floor cleaning. most ideal product for floor cleaning, Creative and ideal for floor cleaning and polishing and dewaxing.
Micro abrasive: Powerful grinding, fast polish and dewax.
Micro-fibre: Deep-cleaning, delicate texture, no hurt surface.
Efficient: Floor cleaning, polishing and dewaxing in once completely.

fix to all kinds of professional floor cleaning machines

Compressed Melamine Sponge is made by exclusive technology to improve greatly the quality increase the density to 10/12/16 kg/m³, micro-fibres much smaller than ten thousandth of hair dip into the deep surface of floor, micro-particle, dense texture,by micro-abrasive principle, fast remove the stains, polish, dewax, repair small scratches.The Optimal Floor Cleaning Pads.
Stronger: Higher density, powerful cleaning.
Durable: Abrasion-resistant, almost no to break, no dregs.
Flexibility: Good toughness, free to knead.

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