Level indicators

Level indicators
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Level indicators

English company Levelstate is looking for dealers or distributors of its products. We will be glad to cooperate with your company.
Levelstate systems is a UK based company that has been designing and manufacturing Level Indicators, Level switches.

The Principles of Operation
The Levelstate EDLI (Electronic Drum Level Indicators) and ELS (Electronic Level Switch) use the well proven principle of resistivity difference to differentiate between water and steam. This resistivity difference is measured by a vertical row of electrodes (Probes), normally aligned so that they are spaced evenly above and below normal water level. The resistance measurement is made between the insulated tip of each electrode and uses the vessel wall, forming a “cell”. Low voltages are used, which ensure operator safety and meet requirements also for hazardous locations. Since resistivities of water and steam are substantially different, as great as 200 to 1 over the range 100 C to 370 C, the system is relatively and requires no set up or calibrations. It is not sensitive to power supply variations or ambient temperature changes and therefore has proven to be a highly reliable system

The water column has been designed to encourage heat flow to reduce density error to the extent that it can be ignored. Levelstate manufacture a broad range of models with options that can be tailored to suit a customers particular need. Models are available with 8 to 48 channels and pressures up to 3000 psi and 570 c. All units are supplied with relays for alarm/trip actions. Remote displays are also available for location within the control room as well as IP65 rated units for plant mounting.

Due to the reliability and user friendly design Levelstate Systems Ltd has become a market leader selling its products worldwide. The user base includes Power stations, Petrochemical works, Refineries, Fertilizer, Sugar, Paper, Cement Plants as well as Metalurgical and Chemical Industries in various countries across the globe. Product market areas being Boiler Drums, Deaerators, Condensers, HP and LP feed heaters. The equipment can also be used on CW pumps and stator water cooling circuits.

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