LAZ Luxury coach bus

LAZ Luxury coach bus
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LAZ Luxury coach bus

Best Ukrainian luxury buses with competitive prices and excellent quality.

Lemberg 9
Length: 9200 Width: 2550 Height: 3170
Doors: 1-01
Passenger`s capacity: 35-39+1+1
Max speed, km\h: 100
Chassis: MAN 700 H.M., EEV
Engine: MAN D0836, EEV , 213kW/180hp
Capacity, kW (HP): 180(400)
Engine cooling system: a set of radiators, Behr
Fuel consumption at 100 km/h: 14 liters
Fuel tank capacity, L: main tank-390, two additional tanks*180
Transmission: ZF AS Tronic(12 AS 2001 BO) automatic , 12-speed
Front axle: LAZ 209: dependent, with disc brakes
Rear driving axle: : RABA 209, dependent, hypoid
Shock absorbers: ZF Sachs
Pneumatic bellows: Vibracoustic
Tires: 295/80 R22,5 tubeless
Brake system: pneumatic, double-circuit with electronic control, disc brakes Wabco
Wheels: disk type 22,5*8,25with 10 inlets, intended for assembly of tubeless tires
Steering: ZF Servocom 8098, hydro-booster
Steering column: regulated by height and inclination angle of assembly of tubeless tires
Driver`s work place: equipped with display for control of equipment and systems condition
Driver`s seat: adjustable, pneumatic, with headrest and 3-point safety belt
Driver`s sleeping place: lightening, soft mattress and voice connection with driver`s working place
Passenger`s seat: soft, individual, with headrests and control units
Body: Carriage type, carcass, self-supporting, monocoque, zinked, aluminum engine compartment, stainless steel wing arches, full of anti-corrosion protection
Floor level: GRABOPLAST, wear-resistant
Windshield: DUPLEKS antireflective, panoramic, triplex
Lateral windows: DUPLEKS triplex, noiseless, safe, hardened, pasted-in, antireflective, tinted
Exterior mirrors: with electric heating and electric drive control unit at the driver`s placefloor and steps
Option: audio-video system, kitchen, etc

PRICE FOB Odessa port, Ukraine LAZ Lemberg 9 – $238.000

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