Kuobao magnetic pump

Kuobao magnetic pump
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Kuobao magnetic pump

Kuobao magnetic drive sealless pumps


KUOBAO magnetic drive sealless pump series are made of corrosion-resist and PP pump material for enhancing the capability of acid / alkaline resistance. The material of magnetic drive sealless pump can resist temperature up to100 C. In addtion, the magnetic drive sealless pump's motor is equipped with temperature protection device which avoids motor damaged due to high temperature caused by overload.

KUOBAO Magnetic Drive Sealless Pump KUOBAO Mag Pump
All kinds of KUOBAO Magnetic Drive Pumps are available here in A&S Pump, including models as follows:

KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPX-250, KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPX-251,
KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPX-257, KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPX-258,
KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPH440, KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPH441,
KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPH452, KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPH453,
KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPH455, KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPH565,
KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPX-440, KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPX-441,
KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MP20, KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MP-203S(H),
KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MP-204S(H), KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MP-255S(H),
KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MP-257S(H), KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MP-258S(H).

Kuobao Horizontal Pump: KB series, KCL Series, KG Series, LD Series, LDD Series

Kuobao Vertical Chemical Pump: KD-B Series, KPT-B Series, KDH-B Series, KD Series, KP Series (1/2HP~2HP), KP Series (1/15HP~1/4HP), KPT Series, KDH Series, KDV Series
FKP Series, KDS Series

A&S pump co.,Ltd will be glad to cooperate with you.

Email: pump@attachment8#com
Webpage: pumpstrading#com

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