Japanese green tea

Japanese green tea
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Japanese green tea

Among over 400 green tea manufacturers in the region of Shizuoka, Japan, we stand out by producing highest quality green tea product. They are Sencha, Bancha, Hojicha, Genmaicha leaves, Sencha, Matcha powders, leaves for tea bags and instant teas.

We use stringently selected fresh leaves and we do not use green tea leaves that are or may be grown with allergen, meat and bone meal, poultry manure, genetically modified crop, additives, color former, aroma chemical or any other substance/material that may be contaminated with germs.
1) Pledge by Tea Farmers
Our manufacturer has contracted 120 tea plantations that have pledged to put their names and tea leaf types on each of 1,000 plantation zones and follow our strict safety standard(to use authorized pesticide only).
2) Usage of pesticide
The 120 tea farm plantations pledge themselves that they do not use unauthorized pesticide or chemical. We strictly keep our safety standard.
3) Keeping cultivation record
The contracted tea plantations are required to keep the record of what fertilizer they use and when.
4) Committee for Tea Plantation
We carefully observe and guide the contracted tea plantations during their cultivation.
For example, we advise them to stop pesticide spraying if nearby plantation has not completed
its tea plucking.
The biggest feature – fully controlled and supervised production - from cultivation to shipping
Inspection on fresh leaves
Fresh leaves plucked under our strict supervision are transported to the tea factory for processing. Our manufacturer has seven stage fresh leaf inspecting method that do not allow inferior quality leaves in the processing factory. There is no possibility of contaminated or inferior leaves misplaced in the production line.
Purified water
The 1st step of processing the green tea leaves is the process of steaming fresh tea leaves.
For steaming the leaves, we use 99.9% purified water.
Finishing process
For 2nd step of processing as a finishing process, the manufacturer has installed a device which electrically identifies and removes foreign objects and a X-ray inspection machine which also does the same task.

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