Invest in many projects by the broker

Invest in many projects by the broker
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Invest in many projects by the broker

I am looking for an inwestor who would invest in my project and as I work as a broker (middleman between investors and people who seek for an investor) I would invest in selected projects I gained from them. I cooperate with a woman who has been in the world of investments for over 15 years, she knows the world of finances very well too. We would select the most profitable projects (start-ups but many times also already developed businesses) and invest in them on our own. We could write the reports from our actions if the investor would want it.
We need not less than 40 million euro and we can accept every higher amount.
We need at least 2 years of grace period or 30% of not refundable amount.
The percentage profit for the investor can be as much as 3% for the next three years and can periodically go up for subsequent years.
The term of the loan can be 10 years or higher.
There are no reassurances at this moment for the investor, I can give a life-long commitment at the notary that I will pay him/her off.
As I and my clients ( while trying to get finances on their own) encountered many cheaters I cannot give any prepayment for this loan. I am very fair with my clients and when I see that some offers can be deceptive for them I tell them that straightly that they should not proceed that offer, but unfortunately sometimes they do because they are desperate to get some money to finish their project, usually they don’t get that finances anyway, lost some money and what can be good for them, they are more experienced with the cheaters. I have been working in this world only for several months, before that I had a job position for many years and I was abased by my CEO’s and I decided to change my life.
I calculated that the profit would be quite lucrative for the investor to earn passively. Of course there are better methods, for instance the money can be put in bank, but I hope there are visionary investors in this world.

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