Introduction to the Reliable Fasteners & Bolts & Screw

Introduction to the Reliable Fasteners & Bolts & Screw
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Introduction to the Reliable Fasteners & Bolts & Screw

Products Category:
1. Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Springs, Spacers, Non-Standard on demand.
2.Screws: Machine Screw, Self-Tapping Screw, Taptite Screw, Assembly Screw or others on demand.
3.PEM Replacement: S,SO,BSO,SOA,SO4,SKC,FH,FHS,HFH,SSS,B,PF11 etc.

We are an ISO9001:2008 certified Screw Factory,all products are made by advanced professional facilities imported from Taiwan & Japan,we carry out
strict in-house QC, products are all ROHS compliance.
Welcome orders from customers including
direct wholesalers, distributors, fasteners stockists, retailers, OEM/ODM manufacturer, both light and heavy industries.
Should you have any inquiries regarding on our products, please contact us freely, email (

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