Insulating oil dielectric loss resistivity meter

Insulating oil dielectric loss resistivity meter
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Insulating oil dielectric loss resistivity meter

Press GB5654 and YS-30-1-84 standard, after years of development of the innovative design of the international level, the domestic leading automatic oil dielectric loss tester, is the ideal product to replace imported equipment.

1 cup oil used in line with the national standard three-electrode structure GB / T5654-2007, the inter-electrode spacing 2mm, can eliminate the stray capacitance and dielectric loss diarrhea drain effect on test results. Electromagnetic switch having drain, emptying the cup can sample oil without disassembling the oil cup, and can sample oil wash oil cup.
2, the instrument uses induction heating, PID temperature control algorithm. The heating with oil cup and heating body non-contact, heat evenly, fast, and easy to control the temperature strictly controlled within the preset temperature error range.
3, internal standard capacitors SF6 inflatable three extremely type capacitor, the impact of the capacitor dielectric loss and electrical capacity from the ambient temperature, humidity, etc., the instrument accuracy after prolonged use remains guaranteed.
4, AC test power supply using AC-DC-AC conversion, effectively prevent the mains voltage and frequency fluctuation on the dielectric loss to test accuracy, even the generator, the instrument can also run properly.
5, complete protection. When overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit when the high pressure, the instrument can be quickly cut off the pressure and issued a warning. When the temperature sensor fails or is not connected, the warning message.
6, easy to set test parameters. Temperature setting range 0 ~ 125 ℃, the AC voltage setting range 500 ~ 2200V, DC voltage setting range 0 ~ 500V.
7, the use of large-screen LCD display with backlight, clear display. Friendly interface, just follow the English menu prompt, enter the command, the instrument can automatically be tested. And automatically store and print test results.
8, comes with real-time clock, test date and time can be saved with the test results, display, print.
9, empty cup electrode calibration. Empty cup measuring electrode capacitance and dielectric loss factor to determine the cleaning and assembly status empty cup electrode.

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