Hydrogen water 1ppm chmical free

Hydrogen water 1ppm chmical free
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Hydrogen water 1ppm chmical free

Ingredients: purified water, hydrogen gas
Net content: 245ml
Specification: 245mlx30 pcs
Hydrogen content: 1.0ppm
Shelf life: 24 month
Gross weight: 9kg

Beijing Hydrovita is the only Hydrogen water manufacturing company in China endorsed by the Chinese government, with it’s own patented technology. Currently, the products of Beijing Hydrovita is the designatedproducts for the clinical research in ten (10)major public medical researching organizations. Beijing Hydrovita possesses its own top quality research and development team dedicated to the development all types of hydrogen rich products; as a market leader, BHB is currently capable of manufacturing thirty (30) million bags of hydrogen rich water annually, spearheading the hydrogen health industry.

Beijing Hydrovita is devoted to the promotion of the development of the medicinal science of molecular hydrogen, and the improvement of human health.Since the founding of the enterprise, Beijing Hydrovita has taken up this mission, with the aim to“Decrease the morbidity rate associated with chronic diseases and promoting healthier, happier living”.

Driven by our goal of “becoming a leader inthe health industry”, BHB has been actively promoting the novel concept of “It is always better to prevent diseases rather than to fight them off”; backed by our powerful research and development capabilities, we have maintained our position of leadership in the rapidly developing field of hydrogen health, and improved the quality of life for people with some of the most advanced products available anywhere.

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