High demand products kitchen cleaning sponge

High demand products kitchen cleaning sponge
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High demand products kitchen cleaning sponge

Feature: eco-friendly
Raw material: melamine sponge + pu sponge
What is Melamine Sponge?
Melamine sponge is the world's unique new type of environmental-friendly sponge which is of excellent properties of cleaning.

-What is the difference between Melamine Sponge and traditional sponge in the market?
Melamine sponge is an open cell foam and its characteristics featured a three-dimensional network structure that provides physical absorption capacity to remove off the stains easier especially when it is wet by the clear water. It is not abrasive for object surface as the cell is smaller than one over ten thousand of a human hair.
It saves much time, detergent, labor and money than using the traditional sponge.

-What is our advantage of Melamine Sponge than others’?
Our factory hold the exclusive NANO technology to compress the melamine sponge with higher density(from 9.5kg/m3to 16kg/m3). The higher density, the stronger cleaning capacity, more durable, more flexile, less tear properties and less dreg
Basically the melamine foam from most of other Chinese suppliers are in density of 8.0-8.5 kgs/m3, that lower density means short-life, easy breakdown, easy scaling-off and almost one-off.

1- No Detergents Need:
Moisturize water, effortless to remove greasy stains and stubborn dirt.
More convenient to clean.

2- Quick Cleaning:
New type nano material Melamine Sponge,
extremely powerful to clean off stubborn stains.

3- Innovative Household Cleaning Sponge:
New type material, innovative additive, newly nano technology.
More practical, convenient and popular than traditional sponges.

4- Exclusive Product, High Profits:
Exclusive technology in China, only SHARE can do it in China.
Huge potential markets.
Most Competitive Price worldwide.
High Profits to Agents/Distributors/Wholesalers/Resalers.

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