High commission on the net value of invoice

High commission on the net value of invoice
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High commission on the net value of invoice

If you have business contacts in small, medium or large companies, then we invite you to establish cooperation. You will receive a sales commission of 10% of the net value of any paid and issued invoice of your client.

There is also the possibility of negotiating a special sales commission strategy for the best agency traders.

The PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS company offers the products (biometrics+RFID) and comprehensive services, which are in great demand at a time when employers want to control and reduce labor costs or to increase security level in their property or private houses.

> Fingerprint or face geometry Time and Attendance systems
> Fingerprint or face geometry Access control systems
> Fingerprint Access control for PC

> Time and Attendance system for RFID proximity cards
> Access control systems for RFID proximity cards
> Overprint on cards, personalization of cards, ID badges
> Access control for RFID proximity cards for PC

> burglar alarm systems
> CCTV : closed-circuit television systems
> fire alarm and gas detection systems
> LAN : structured cabling systems
> audible warning systems
> BMS : building management systems
> telecommunication installations
> technical projects and designs

Check out the full offer of the PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS company

Our cooperation may be different depending on your needs and capabilities.

Feel free to contact us.

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