Herbs and spices

Herbs and spices
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Herbs and spices

Exporter's of oriental medicinal herbs, spices, rice and other. Exporting our 100% authentic incomparable products worldwide.

Expertly dealing and Providing various sorts of oriental Medicinal Herbs and Spices, such as

Herbs // Spices: Dry Natural Licorice Roots( Cut Pieces, Long Sticks and Powders ), Dry Red Rose, Ephedra Herbs( Thin Qlty), Costus Roots, Polygonati Rhizomes, Dried Red Chili (Whole and Ground) and other many assorted Herbs and Spices.

Gums: Gum Benjamin( Loban // Javy Bakhoor ), Gum Guggal, Gum Arabic.

Pakistan Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice : Long Grain IRRI6 - IRRI9 (White and Parboiled Rice), Pure Super Kernel Basmati Rice(White and Parboiled Rice) and 100% Broken Rice. Expertly Milled under our most talented QC Team.

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