Heating gloves

Heating gloves
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Heating gloves

Heating gloves for e-bike and motorcycle; carbon fiber heating wire; washable; colors: red, black

Heating element: Composite fiber wire
Weight: 300g
Colors: red, black
Temperature and switch controller: On/ Off; Hi- Lo; estimated temperature control; 5 steps temp control; customized controller
Cigarette lighter plug/ E- bike charger OR Portable battery charger ( up to 10h of energy) !
Voltage, power: DC12V, 20W
This product is perfect for e- bike driver; skiing fans; those who are simply afraid of cold and want to keep hands warm!
Products is washable, wire doesn' t break!
The heating wire is patented by the company and is the best solution at the current market of electric heating products. Washable, doesn' t break or stretch.
Quality certificates: ISO 9001, PICC, CE, RoHS, E- Mark
Our shipment terms are FOB Shanghai

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