Heating blanket for car

Heating blanket for car
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Heating blanket for car

Heating blanket-pillow for car and home use; washable; size: 100*70 cm; DC12V; cigarette lighter plug; color: beige, grey, pink

Size: 100cm*70cm; customized
Voltage, power: DC12V, 22W
For car (cigarette lighter plug) and home (socket plug) use
Colors: biege, grey, pink
Product weight: 800g
Very useful when travelling with car; can be used to create comfort for kids
Products is washable, wire doesn't break!
The heating wire is patented by the company and is the best solution at the current market of electric heating products. Washable, doesn't break or stretch.
Quality certificates: ISO 9001, PICC, CE, RoHS, E-Mark
Our shipment terms are FOB Shanghai

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