H&H Hellenic Heritage Greek Gourmet Food Brand

H&H Hellenic Heritage Greek Gourmet Food Brand
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H&H Hellenic Heritage Greek Gourmet Food Brand

The Greek gastronomy brand H&H Hellenic Heritage represents an authentic Greek products quality enhanced by the unique marketing approach.
Currently we are offering 3 lines of extra virgin olive oil (P.D.O., organic and standard EVOO)

H&H Hellenic Heritage brand is a start-up of two MBA graduates within the multi-dimensional holding company.
To begin with we have developed the product portfolio based on three product lines of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the brand is to be extended with other products within this year.
The 3 product lines so far represent:

H&H Hellenic Heritage Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
H&H Hellenic Heritage H&H Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O. Peza, Heraklio, Crete.
H&H Hellenic Heritage Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

All the three lines are produced in Greece, in the island of Crete, which defines the highest quality and organoleptic characteristics of the final product.

The brand strategy development was based on the fact that the market of the olive oil and gastronomic products represents a clutter with the excess of supply of brands, very similar in their marketing approach. They all appear to be locally focused and too traditional in the design addressing the credibility and authenticity of the place of origin.
Acknowledging the market gap we have developed the H&H brand with a completely different approach: the global approach to sales and minimalistic and premium approach to the communication and design so that the product will stand out from the clutter, be self-promoting, easily recalling and gain the final customers' loyalty.
Currently, we are developing the distribution base in the markets like Russia, Canada, USA, India, UK and Poland.

We are sure that our products can be beneficial to the product portfolio of gourmet food distributor.

Please contact us if you interested in the partnership.

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