Glow in the dark paints looking for dealer

Glow in the dark paints looking for dealer
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Glow in the dark paints looking for dealer

Looking for new ideas to open a profitable business? We are the manufacturer of luminous paint - Acmelight Company, we invite you to become our sole representative in your area.

Acmelight Ltd. is the Producer of Glow in the dark paints. We are looking for exclusive Dealers and invite trading companies to cooperation on exclusive terms in Europe, USA, UK, and all around the world. We propose you profitable terms of cooperation!
We present you our products, produced from high-quality raw materials. Glow in the dark paints Acmelight are presented by 10 types of paints for different surfaces. There are 9 colors of paints in production. Our company is also specialized in production of fluorescent paints: visible and invisible ones. Visible fluorescent paints of 10 types: for metal, concrete, glass, wood, plastic, flowers, textile, Oracal film, wallpaper (7 colors). Invisible paints are presented by 2 types of paints for walls and textile and it has 3 colors.
We also produce paints for safety systems Acmelight FES, which are suitable for walls painting indoors, glowing photopaper, glowing safety signs, glowing nail polishes.
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